Baby Naming / Dedication / Blessing

Naming Ceremony Section Photo - Siena's Naming 2

Siena’s Naming

Naming Ceremony Section Photo  -  Bianca's Dedication

Bianca’s Dedication

Naming ceremonies are purely ceremonial and are simply something that you, as parents, choose to do as a public gesture of love and commitment to your child. It is not a religious ceremony rather a service of welcome and joy with the arrival of a precious child/ren into your home and life and is shared by your family and friends.

It is an occasion to welcome the child/ren into your hearts, your family and the wider circle of your friendships and the community and to celebrate their uniqueness. The occasion recognizes the responsibilities of the parents as they may publicly share their commitment, hopes and wishes for their child/ren.

Family relationships are deepened because it is a time to also recognize the unique role of grandparents, brothers and sisters, and any other family members you would like acknowledged. This ceremony is a happy wonderful time shared with all those people who mean the most to you.

These ceremonies also recognise the important role we each have in the life of all those little ones we share our life with.
‘Godparents’ or ‘Guardians’ can be appointed in the ceremony and they play an important role in the child/ren’s life and also supporting and encouraging the parents. They make individual promises to support and take an interest in the child’s well-being and future.

The ceremony can be held almost anywhere – at your house, in your favourite park, at a hired venue or even at the beach! You can have a ceremony anywhere where you can fit the number of people you want to invite and where you have adequate facilities to cater in the way you intend.

Dedication Service has religious elements included – like prayers of blessing and protection, scripture readings or religious poems.

Each ceremony is unique and is tailored to suit your individual needs and we will go through the whole ceremony with you to make sure it meets your distinct requirements.
Some different ideas that can be considered are:

  • Choosing ‘special people’ to participate in the ceremony
  • Choosing symbolic gesture for ceremony (for example a candle lighting ceremony; releasing doves or butterfly’s, box of letters to child/ren etc)
  • Choosing music
  • Use of poems, readings or quotes
  • Write any special words, poems etc
  • Having a particular a theme (optional)